Mixer Lessons 51 - 75

In the Mixer lessons, six people share their throughts about the same topic. Lessons come with audio, script, media, quiz and vocab!

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Mixer 75 Favorite Movie
Six people talk about their best movie.
Mixer 74 Favorite Music
Six people talk about their preferences in music.
Mixer 73 Big Regret
People talk about their regrets.
Mixer 72 Favorite Season
People talk about what season they enjoy the most.
Mixer 71 School Subjects
People talk about subjects they liked in school.
Mixer 70 TV Time
How much time do people spend watching TV?
Mixer 69 Birthdays
Listen to six people talk about their birthday.
Mixer 68 Addiction
Six people say what they are addicted to.
Mixer 67 Worst quality?
Six people say what are their worst qualities.
Mixer 66 Best quality?
Six people say are their best qualities.
Mixer 65 Action or Relaxation
Hear what six people would prefer to do on vacation.
Mixer 64 Worry
Six people talk about what makes them worry.
Mixer 63 Sports
Six people discuss their favorite sports.
Mixer 62 Plans for the night
See what six people have planned for tonight.
Mixer 61 Favorite Food
Six people talk about the food they love.
Mixer 60
Mixer 60 Animals
The mixer group discusses animals.
Mixer 59 Clothes
What are you wearing?
Mixer 58
Mixer 58 Cooking
Six people share what dishes they can cook.
Mixer 57
Mixer 57 First Thing
Six people share what they do in the morning.
Mixer 56
Mixer 56 Fear
People share what scares them.
Mixer 55
Mixer 55 Ghosts
Six people discuss if they believe in ghosts.
Mixer 54
Mixer 54 Favorite Colors
The mixer group talks about colors they like.
Mixer 53
Mixer 53 Shopping
See what people like and don't like to shop for.
Mixer 52
Mixer 52 Transportation
People evaluate their public transportation.
Mixer 51
Mixer 51 Seasons
Six people share their favorite season.

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Mixer List 01-25 | 26-50 | 51-75 | 76-100 | 101-125 | 126-150

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